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Will - Seven Hills Technology

Sandro - Google

Emily - Redit

Dianna - Airnb

Joshua - FactSet



"The IT program introduced me to creating software and pointed me in the direction that I didn't know I wanted to go in. IT taught me the basics of computers and showed me an industry that truly never ceases to amaze me. I started college ahead of the curve and am now in a profession that I truly love. Every day brings me new challenges and allows me to creatively solve complex problems."


"From what I learned in the Centerville IT program I was able to jump-start my career as a web developer my senior year of high school. It led to an internship with Reynolds and Reynolds as a software developer after my freshman year of college, and onto a full time job as a software developer for Rippe & Kingston while still attending UC. I owe all my current and future successes to my experiences in the Centerville IT program"


"When I went in for my interview with NexSens Technology I was expecting it to be a few weeks before they decided if they wanted to hire me out of everyone interviewed. After a 20 minute interview and a tour of the office I was asked if I could start right away. I later asked my boss why he hired me on the spot without bothering to interview the rest of the candidates and he said because no one else he would have interviewed would have had the experience I got as a high school student from the Centerville IT program."


"Senior Consultant in the Deloitte Advisory practice. Focusing on IT has allowed me to develop the skill set to advise Fortune 500 companies on their IT innovation strategies. There will always be risk associated with IT (e.g., cyber security) and the IT program at CHS will help to provide you with the valuable skills you need to understand and offer recommendations to address those risks."


"If it wasn't for the IT program introducing me to programming I probably would not be doing Computer Science right now and I wouldn't be loving my job at Microsoft." Dianna is a grad of Michigan State and works at Microsoft in Redmond, WA!" Dianna now works at Airnb!


"The IT block program was awesome! I didn’t realize how much it actually helped me until I started my classes in the fall especially when I was doing java programming and I already knew all of the material that the professor was teaching. It also helped me land a well-paying internship at a company called Pre-Talen where I was working with cisco switches/routers and doing some coding in C#...I think the program was great and it is really helping me to excel in college."


"I applied to Teradata this fall and got an internship for the summer of 2014. The two IT directors that I spoke to were impressed with my knowledge of Java and were also impressed with BPA in general (especially the timed competitions). As for being at UC, one of my second semester classes (Intro to CoOp) requires the creation of a resume. I’d like to personally thank you for having us do that in class last year because now I can just print it off the day that it’s due...What Teradata seemed most impressed about were programs that I made...they enjoy hearing about your difficulties and how you overcame problems while debugging."


"Software Engineer at LexisNexis. I work as a full stack web developer building web apps for banks, law enforcement, and other government entities that provide anti money laundering solutions, risk management solutions, and identity verification. I got my college internship and my current job because of the CHS IT tech prep program. Every interviewer asks about the BPA awards and it leads into explaining all of the amazing opportunities that the program exposed us to in high school. My last employer told me at the end of an hour long interview and tour of the office that he was going to hire me on the spot to start the next day because of that IT program experience. I worked for that company for 5 years before moving on to LexisNexis. The presentation skills, team work, and early exposer to real world experience that this program offers is invaluable and impresses employers immensely."


"Just got a full-time offer that I'll be accepting this week! I will be a software engineer at Reddit out in San Francisco on their Platform org which includes all the mobile teams and APIs. Through IT, I was able to try a lot of different things before getting to college; I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to do which saved me time (and money) and also allowed me pursue and get internship opportunities early. Previously, I interned at Nordstrom in Seattle on the Android team."


"Flying helicopters. The job itself has nothing to do with IT but the basic background I got at CHS has helped a lot with generic troubleshooting when something breaks in the office."


Application support analyst at JPMorgan Chase in Chicago. IT has helped me to understand the basics of computer language and operate troubleshooting strategies that would take the average person months to learn. CHS's IT program was the first of many stepping stones to get me where I am today and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

Here is where some of the student work!

Andrew, Ahmed, and Nathaniel

Dan and Jeff - Software Engineer

Jan - Information Security Analyst

Brooks - Software Engineer

Adam - Network Engineer
Philip - Software Engineer III (Full stack web developer)

Kyle - Help Desk Analyst

Scotty - IT Specialist

Billy - Software Engineer

Matthew - Vice President EDU Partnerships & Innovation

Robert Founder and CEO

Jeremy - Associate Consulting Engineer - Cisco R&S as CDW

James - Senior Application Developer

Drake - Enterprise Data Warehouse Architect

Kevin - Software Developer

Amine - Senior Software Developer

Dianna - Software Developer

Benjamin - System Engineer

Kevin - Software Developer

Austin - Support Engineer 2

John - Network Specialist

Emily - Software Engineer

Tyler - Flying Helicopters

Riley - Application Support Analyst