College Credits and Professional Credentials

Take college credits throught the College Credit Plus Programs and the CTAG State of Ohio Program. Students can earn up to 15 or more college credits in the IT program.

Students can earn the PC Pro license, Networks Pro license, Linux Pro License, IT Fundamentals, and Security Pro license while in the program. Students can earn certificates from Ciso in IT Essentials, Python Programming, C++ Programming, JavaScript Programming, and Networking Essentials. Students can also earn certificates from Oracle in Database Foundations, Database Programming with SQL, Java Foundations, and Java for AP Computer Science A.

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Real World Projects and Evidence of proof

This course is hands-on learning by delivering labs, creation of new websites, on-line simulations, and in-class indvidual/team projects.

Students will prove what they know by assignments and examples of their work. The students will collect evidence and display it using porfolio binders and online websites.

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Real world curriculum

The class uses a hands-on approach to work through problem-solving steps from the initial design to finished product. The students gain excellent teamwork, leadership, critical-thinking and technical skills. The program’s interdisciplinary courses engage students in compelling real-world challenges. As students work together to design solutions, they learn computational thinking – not just how to code – and become better thinkers and communicators.

Softwarwe Engineering and Programming

The 11th grade year is packed with learning the basic of programming. This course is the equivalent of many first and second year college programming classes. Python, Java, C#, and C++ programming languages will be introduced. The senior year will be dedicated to advanced programming concepts using C# and C++ in the command line interface. Concepts for the Java AP prep course will be center focus in the Senior year.

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CompTIA's A+ Hardware, Cisco Linux Unhatched, and CompTIA's Networks+

The 11th grade year is filled with learning about how to build a computer, run an OS, use command line tools, understand printers, and many other basic PC information. Then the 12th grade year we take a look at Networking. How do companies communicate? What devices do they use? What is a the OSI model? What is a protocol? Some seniors will study for the CompTIA Security+ license exam. The curriculum concentrates on preparing students to take the actual license exams.

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Interactive Web Design and Development

The 11th grade year is filled with learning the basics of web design using HTML, HTML5, and CSS3. The focus is on creating real world web sites that are semantically and structurally correct. PHP/MySQL will be a strong focus for creating a site that reads and writes to the Database. The senior year the students dive deep into JavaScript. jQuery and other libraries are introduced to make interactive complete professional looking web sites.

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